Have you ever wanted to be someone else?

WeARGames creates transmedia fiction and Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). We are a small but dedicated team of artists, writers, coders, and magicians who strive to create stories and worlds that allow our players to step outside reality. Between the lot of us we have better than 20 years of experience in transmedia storytelling, and we know we’re good at what we do.

In addition to telling captivating stories and creating intense interactive experiences, we also place a great deal of focus on cultivating our community. We’re proud to say that our games inspire intense emotions and ignite lasting friendships, and we want to be there to support and elevate the people who engage with us, as well as other creators in the ARG and transmedia communities.

Whether you’re here looking for an exciting game to play, experienced ARG creators to guide you on your journey to crafting your first interactive experience, or for a professional team to put together a transmedia experience to market your new product, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of all, remember—

We AR Games, and games are fun.

Open the door...