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Are you an ARG creator who needs help with a project?

An influencer looking to add a new dimension to your social media presence?

A company looking for an attention-grabbing marketing strategy for your product or service?


Then you're in the right place!


ARG Creators

Got a great idea for an ARG, but not sure how to get started? Maybe you know exactly what needs to be done, but don't have the manpower to do it. Or, perhaps you have a project already running and you've run into some hiccups or find your audience dwindling over time.


We can help! We have a variety of options for helping other creators to make their projects the best they can be.



Already have an established social media presence, but want to spice up your usual format with a bit of mystery and intrigue? Just getting started and want to make sure you hold the attention of your growing audience? Or do you just want to treat your viewers to a little something special?


We'd love to help you shake up your material and create an engaging story to build your establishhed personal brand.



Are you preparing to release a new product or service and want to capture the attention of a wide audience so that your new release gets started with a  bang? Struggling to connect with your consumers on social media and want to develop a viral marketing strategy to draw them in?


Whether you're selling cereal, saddlebags, or security cameras, we can get your advertising started right.

What We Offer


We offer a variety of articles on ARG creation, narrative theory, and othersuch topics for the low price of a $1 monthly subscription to our Patreon. For a more personalized consultation, prices would vary depending upon your need.


We're happy to help with brainstorming, art direction, copyediting, and networking. Supporting our fellow creators is important to us, as it improves the ARG community as a whole.


If you already have a creative team that you rely on, but aren't sure how to approach immersive media, we can help you plan your project sans art direction and web development, letting you use your in-house talent for those aspects.


A lot goes into ARG creation, even if you disregard the art and audio/video production. Storytelling, puzzle design, and continuity assurance make up the bulk of the work on these projects.


If you're looking for the full development experience, we will build your ARG project from the ground up. We'll handle everything from story development to art direction, from websites to puzzles— with your approval at each step, of course.


Prices will vary widely depending on the scale you want to go for. The deeper the rabbit hole goes, the more of an investment you will have to make. But deep stories generally see higher returns.


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