My Dearest Annie

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Julian's family is frustrated at his refusal to "move on" with his life, to find a new woman to court, but Julian knows that he could never love another person the way he loved Annie. On the first anniversary of her death, Julian's brother suggested writing her letters to help him overcome his grief. So, for a little over a year now, he's written a love letter to his "Dearest Annie" roughly once a week. Just recently, shortly before the second anniversary of her death, he started a Tumblr blog at the advice of his niece, which now serves as an e-shrine to Annie and his undying love for her.

To follow along with Julian's story, as told through his weekly letters (as well as the letters he wrote in the past, which he uploads frequently) you can follow him on Tumblr at:

In addition to the letters themselves (which you can find a directory of in the blog's sidebar), Julian also frequently reblogs things that he thinks Annie would like, as his way of honoring her and feeling more connected to her memory.

My Dearest Annie

is a story about true, everlasting love.


Julian Rogers is a young man, a pastry chef and restaurateur of the posh, 24-hour bakery "Les Petites Choses". Once, not too long ago, he had a beautiful wife by the name of Annie. After she died in a tragic accident, his life has not been the same since.

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