We Are


gallery/crux profile

CRUX, Creator of Ruses  [aka. Zeke]

President / Founder of WeARGames

The Organized One and Lover of Spreadsheets

Lead Designer of Tungsten and My Dearest Annie, author of The Bachelor

A Pretty Cool Dude

Tirigad Percival Cross, Bl.F., G.A.

Public Relations and Publicity Department

Executive Janitor

Lead Designer of ITB, Absgalan, and HellDyve, author of Tales From Jones Hollow

A Creative Mad Genius

gallery/tiri profile
gallery/opti profile


Wizard of Networking [somehow or another, he seems to know EVERYONE]

Resident HABIT

Lead Designer of Coraxis Archive


Kleffie, Queen of Spirals

Prophetess and Loremistress

Low-key a Trickster Goddess

Lead Designer of The Dreamquest

Best Girl

gallery/kleffie profile
gallery/mac profile

Macuiltotchtli, Grand Justiciar

Master of Brain Spiders and Disturbing Imagery

Enigmatic Recluse [and secretly a bunch of drunken rabbits in a trenchcoat]

Agent Z, Teddy Lucan, and Frederic Straka

The Crunchiest Egg

Code Zero, Fabricator of Oculi

Don't Open, Dead Inside [also sometimes has No Face]

Gold Star Server Moderator

Master of UrbEx, creator of IRLRPG

The Dad Friend

gallery/di profile
gallery/dante profile

Dante, Hunter of Starspawn

Truth Seeker and CRUX's OG Teammate

TTRPG Master

Operative D, Abner V.

All His Characters Are Secretly Self-Inserts

Maddie, Denier Of Eggs

Eggs aren't real, and she'll tell you why at length.

Expert at Crazy Ranting

Lead Designer of Eschaton Island

The Mom Friend

gallery/maddie profile
gallery/phobos profile


Resident Phobos



A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma

Narny, Conjurer of Garlic Bread

Resident Australian

Also A Mop

Lead Designer of Phoneutria Clinic

Videographer, Artist, secretly a comedic genius

gallery/narny profile
gallery/lucas profile

Lucas, Inhaler of Jellies

Artist Extraordinaire

A Wholesome Boy

Porter Fellows

Accidentally A Plot Device

Sifer, Avatar of JERA

An Actual Crazy Person

Master of Puzzles, Knowledgeable About Critters

The Most Important

Spooky Scary Siferkins

gallery/sifer profile
gallery/vandal profile


Expert Graphic Designer

The Most Beautiful Voice Known To Man

Working On All The Secret Projects

Looks Scary, But Is Actually A Kitten

Joe, the DM

Does A Little Bit Of Everything

Secretly Working On Things

Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy

Grand Poobah of the Landweres

gallery/joe profile

And, of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our Patrons and B̴̧e̵n҉̡͞èf͏ac̸t̸o҉͞rs̛.