Absgalan follows the tale of two followers of the Absgalaran Church, an ancient but obscure religion that worships Absgal, the King of the Starscape. The two protagonists are young priests of the order, known as Starseekers, who have petitioned for permission to begin sharing their religion with the wider world through the use of the internet.


Starseeker Sorrek is the more levelheaded of the two, and sort of the mastermind behind their drive to bring the Church into the public eye. He manages the blog on the Church website, as well as being in charge of digitizing documents to be made available to the public to encourage education about the Church’s practices and beliefs. At the beginning of the story, he has a begrudging respect for his colleague but is regularly annoyed by him.

Starseeker Barul has a much more flippant, silly, and sometimes nonsensical personality than Sorrek does, and tends to have bouts of irrational anger when he becomes frustrated. He’s the more social of the two, spending the most time interacting with the public on the Church’s Discord server. He also, as Sorrek mentions several times, has a “clearer conduit to the King.” Because of this connection to Absgal, Barul was primarily in charge of running their annual game of Absgalan— a card game using a blessed deck with the ability to change the past, present, and future. The game is played each year during the Absgalaran season of Ommudempora— the season of Change— and is considered a holy rite. The two Starseekers led the game through Discord as part of their outreach initiative.

Unfortunately for Sorrek and Barul, they got to experience first hand the effects of tampering with the timeline. The final hand of their game of Absgalan left the players with the Sophie’s Choice of condemning one of the two to nonexistance or insanity. They decided that Barul would be the one to lose his mind, though he begged for death instead, in the hopes that Sorrek would be able to find a way to reverse it.

At present, Sorrek has joined forces with the rogue Starseeker Hanak, who fled from their House of Absgal after stealing one of the holy Wonders, and it’s been revealed that the empty shell of Barul’s mind has become possessed by Akreis, the Absgalaran God of Destruction. Sorrek and Hanak intend to use the Wonder to try to heal Barul’s mind, but they aren’t even sure what it does. Meanwhile, a mysterious outside agency has been found to be spying on all of the notoriously technophobic Absgalaran Houses and uploading the footage to the ominously named YouTube channel “Albannon Approacheth”— Albannon meaning “the End” in Absgalarik.