WeARGames Immersive Development and Marketing

For Clients / Companies

Are you a creator or influencer looking to expand your brand reach? Do you have a new or upcoming product that you would like to advertise? Are you thinking about changing your branding to something more fitting to your current output? WeARGames will create a riveting, deeply immersive experience, which will capture the attention and imaginations of your target audience.

With our combined 20 years of immersive, transmedia creation experience (as well as our extensive network of immersive creators, theorists, and reviewers at hand to help us spotlight your project), we can guarantee a high-quality product that will put more eyes on your brand and markedly increase engagement.

Working with you to open doors and give your customers a buzz-worthy experience. 

Every immersive experience is vastly different, which is what makes them so engaging. However, this makes it difficult to showcase a defined “development package” for our projects. Most clients we work with also don’t have a great degree of experience in the ARG / Immersive Media space, which can make it difficult to set expectations for projects.

To help you help us help you, we’ve provided three varying levels of involvement, so that one can be chosen based on the resources that are at our disposal.

Easy Mode

“Easy Mode” accounts for one platform (ex. a social media account, a blog, etc.) which can comprise either a single media type (ex. text, image, video) or use a multimedia/transmedia approach. This package includes any necessary worldbuilding for the project, social media content creation and management, graphic design, direct audience engagement, and any other necessary services such as scriptwriting, voice acting, audio/video production, etc.

Popular “Easy Mode” Examples:
• The Sun Vanished
• Dear David
• The Cafe and Diner
• A Heist With Markiplier

Normal Mode

“Normal Mode” includes everything offered in Easy Mode, but with additional platforms at your disposal, allowing for greater immersion and interactivity. With Normal Mode, we offer the option of developing a dedicated website for your project, either to act as a hub directing users to other parts of your narrative or to be a part of the narrative itself.

Popular “Normal Mode” Examples:
• Marble Hornets
• Free Murdoc (Gorillaz)
• Don’t Starve’s “William Carter Puzzles” and “Metheus Puzzles”
• Smilebot
• Zombies, Run!

Hard Mode

“Hard Mode” includes everything from Easy and Normal Modes, with the addition of more extreme forms of interactivity, including real-world pop-up events, geocaches, phone calls to players… The possibilities are endless. Endless, but complex to pull off, hence why this is Hard Mode.

Popular “Hard Mode” Examples:
• The Beast (A.I.)
• ilovebees (Halo 2)
• New Noology Network
• Jejune Institute
• Eroda (Harry Styles’ Adore)

For ARG Creators

Are you a small creator looking to make an ARG? Are you looking to make your name with your first creation? Are you working alone and need other people to talk with about ideas? WeARGames has options for you as well! Our experience is here for you to avail yourself of in many different ways. If you have small questions or need community help, join our discord to chat with us and our following. If you need more help, we offer several levels of editing or co-creation to boost you on your way.

The Once-Over

If you just need another pair of eyes, this option is for you to send us a file or a webpage to check for edits, optimize layout, and help you to make it look as polished as possible. The easiest option for someone who just wants to make sure they’re going in the right direction.

The Marketing Crew

Choosing this level will gain access to members of our staff to help you advertise your game in the most productive manner possible. We will guide you around the pitfalls we see most first-time creators run into, and help you find a way that fits in with your specific content.

The Co-Creation

This tier is intensive, but gives you access to our resources and network as you go through creation. We will look over files, help you find ways to advertise, and help create puzzles and content until you feel like you have a handle on things. The tier for those who need help getting started.