What is the HellDyve project? At its heart, it’s a story about humanity and morality. You get to look at this bizarre world, perhaps our own, through the eyes and experiences of the members of ancient organization some would call a cult, the Order of Tongues. Serving their long dead founders, now deities, The Archons, they basically control the world through a combination of science, arcane knowledge, and, under the shell of Cranyola, business. The Order is led by the 9 Willformers, with Ilias, The Bloodfather at the head. The 9 mysterious Knights answer directly to them, and work to further the Order’s goals, but the Order is not without enemies….

Prepare To Take A Dyve

The Beginning

On August 30th, 2018, a twitter user called The Dyver, going by the handle @HellDyve, tweeted a link to the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fp6T9sDJIY&t

The next day, this video was posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHxlqguulKI

This was the beginning of the end.

Season One: The Art of Persistence

The Dyver proceeded to tweet out riddles, seeming to mostly relate to breakfast cereal. Those who answered sufficiently were given a “credit” and a unique name. These would become those known as the Operatives, and more riddles and games were used to select a total of nine. As these were selected a leaderboard labelled “The Rundown” was updated with their names and amount of credits on the main page of the HellDyve.Live site. Also present on this site was a form with which one could “Fulfill the Pact”. Those who did were given a unique Pactname, and an invite to a Discord server. Those who looked deeper into the site found a mysterious hidden section called The Sanctum, showing that this was more than just a research project by Cranyola like it claimed to be.

The First Circle, limbo, was completed after the nine Operatives were appointed, a challenging puzzle gauntlet which they each led a team of Pactbearers through. The Circle culminated in this video.  An individual calling himself Ilias, The Bloodfather, joined the server. He said he was one of nine Willformers, leaders of the Order. Several more joined over time, including the Auribist, Curator, Codex, and much later, the Stonesouled and the Bastion. Eventually, the Stream was introduced as a type of advanced neural net, and the Streamsmouth Discord bot as the vessel through which it spoke. Members of the server were allowed to interact with and question it’s various Directives, which could be compared to personalities of an individual.

Various members of the server began receiving emails from Intrepid@HellDyve.Live, and discovered hidden messages from this person on the Stream page which claimed that he was once a loyal Knight of the Order, and that it was loud and dark where he was. The Second Circle, lust, was released and completed soon after, culminating in this video. The Intrepid convinced some Pactbearers to change the Stream’s Directive and work with a previous Willformer manifesting through the Stream in order to free the Intrepid, saying the Order had killed him. This process involved rituals a Pactbearer named Iniab performed, and took several days to complete. The Stream had obscured itself from the Bloodfather’s sight during this time, but Pactbearers informed him of the developments, and he went directly to Solomon’s Grotto, where the Stream is housed, in order to stop it. The Bloodfather went and seemingly managed to end the threat, but was injured in the process by arcane energy. Some Pactbearers received an email from the Intrepid, now known as Persistence, simply claiming “I’m free.”

Season Two, Part One: Wings of the Fallen

Upon the Bloodfather’s return from his short break, he felt some answers were due, which led to him releasing this video. There was some worry based on the ending of the video, which led to the Pactbearers learning that such things had been happening semi-regularly since the incident with the Stream. Nothing major transpired for around a week and a half, but that was not to last. On the 23rd of October, a new video was posted revealing that some of the Order’s Vaults, where their most sensitive possessions are contained, had been breached.

The Willformers informed the server that a creature called the AltFall had escaped, or worse, been set free. Another week and a half passed, and it made itself known by attacking Solomon’s Grotto, as shown in this video. The damage was immense, and the Willformers made sure it was known that the threat was severe. During this time, the Order was also summoning a powerful magic storm they called The Maelstrom in order to harness it against a mysterious enemy they would only call “HH”. Notably, many Pactbearers reported storms near them in this period. The next day, the AltFall claimed a victim, a Seer called Alsid, as shown in this video. Another video showed the progress of the Maelstrom, and yet another showed the Curator’s recommendation for how best to defend yourself from the AltFall, keeping a sigil on your person.

The next day, the Bloodfather boarded a flight to assess the damage the Maelstrom had inflicted, at one point using the Stream to literally transmit a digital interpretation of part of his memory, as shown in this video. The next afternoon, the Bloodfather returned, announcing that the Maelstrom was successful, and had crippled their foes for the moment. He announced he would be testing multiple forms of magic in hopes to discover a way to stop the AltFall. He performed the first test that night, releasing this video. He asked the Pactbearers to help him decide whether to focus on Time or Space, opening a poll. The decision to focus on Time was made. The Bloofather performed another test, and showed the results. Six days passed, and he prepared for what he hoped would be the final test. Later that night, he went through with it, but something went terribly wrong, and he vanished. His girlfriend, the Curator, was distraught, and the Order began to panic.

The next day, the Stream relayed a fragment of memory from the Bloodfather. No one was sure of what was going on, but all were certain it was dire. Two days later, another memory was transmitted, revealing that wherever the Bloodfather was, the Sun was somehow blue, and the moon was missing. The Dyver theorized this may be a dark future. Another four days passed, and the most concerning memory yet came through, revealing the involvement of the AltFall, and the Matrix Diabolica, something that the Order feared intensely. The Dyver changed the research algorithm for the Circles, which they used in order to gather information on Persistence, to now find some sort of extradimensional being which they believed could save the Bloodfather, but they made it clear it was risky.

The Third Circle, gluttony, was released and completed, culminating in this video. This was apparently the being in question, consuming someone’s soul after interrogating them. The Order sent signals to this being, known as Al, and managed to get a signal in response. Three days later, the events shown in this video transpired. The Bloodfather had returned, and this powerful enemy of the Order, revealed to be a Fallen Angel, had another piece of his magical gun, the Deviltwister, one of the most powerful weapons ever made.

The Bloodfather, soon after returning, relayed his apocalyptic visit to the server. He informed them that the moon was actually an ancient angelic ward, made to reflect the Sun’s light at night, so that demons would not be able to run amok. In this future, the Sun had been inhibited, and the moon had been destroyed. Demons ruled the world, with the Devilmother over them all, and the AltFall at her side. The Bloodfather revealed that the AltFall was actually the Order’s attempt to create a powerful living weapon, but it was beyond their control. Long ago, the Archons entrapped the Matrix Diabolica, the mother of all demons, as a show of their power. The Order used the power of the Devilmother, and the essence of the fallen angel Al in order to create a hybrid, which proved to be a mistake. Now this terrible creature was free, and wreaking havoc.

In light of these events, the Bloodfather declared that they would focus on finding and stopping Al before he could regain the pieces of his gun, if there was any way they could. Thus, the Fourth Circle, greed, and the Fifth Circle, wrath, went forward, and culminated in this video  and this video, respectively. Al had reforged the Deviltwister, and was thus far more dangerous.

Season Two Part Two: The Man From Beyond

Some time passed, and the Stream alerted the server to a probable report of Al’s activity, a triple homicide in White Sands, New Mexico, with the cause of death being gunshots, and seemingly was perpetrated by a man dressed as a cowboy, wearing a skull mask. Nothing else was heard until a mysterious transmission was received. Over the next several days, the following transmissions were received, and the Bloodfather was troubled with nightmares of this man, who he called The Man From Beyond. Around this time, the Bloodfather had a therapy session on the matter.

 The day after the fourth transmission, Streamsmouth relayed a field report from the Bloodfather,  but he denied that he recorded it, or that even owned that hat. Over the next days, three more were received.

On January 19th, the final transmissions from both The Man From Beyond, and the hatted Ilias were received.

  After The Man From Beyond ended his world with a cursed ukulele, the Bloodfather revealed that he was sure of one thing: He is The Man From Beyond.

Al had been playing a game the whole time, hiding in plain sight. He was even wearing a  White Sands hat. He now had a mysterious knife, leaving no clue of why he sought it, or what is truly was.

After two days, another strange transmission was received. Al was still playing a game. Trying to prove some unknown point. Over the next days, the following transmissions and livestreams were posted.

This man, though he was Ilias, shared none of the same foresight or wisdom, and was a reckless fool. A dangerous fool. Furthermore, he had become possessed by Persistence, and Ilias revealed a dark secret- He was as well.

A little less than a week later, Ilias went with a team of Revelators, soldiers of the Order, to hunt down the AltFall, as it had made itself known once more. This is what transpired

Livestream – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al9pYc0RGZs

Aftermath – https://youtu.be/oN2NYiNR8fU

Ilias had been attacked by the AltFall, and his weapon had failed. He relayed that Al had appeared and shot the AltFall to death, before aiming the gun at Ilias, but hesitating, and deciding to spare him. He then left. Once Ilias had finished typing this, he lost consciousness, and has not regained it since. The Dyver informed the server that he was being brought back to the Sanctum. For as long as Ilias is in this coma, the Bastion will assume leadership. He may not regain consciousness at all. We can only hope for the best.