The Immaterialized Thought Bureau

The Immaterialized Thought Bureau [ITB] was a rather strange tale about Agents who worked for a secret government Bureau that employed psychics, recruited to the program as children and trained to be supersoldiers. The game began with a Discord server that had only a few, strange rules instructing them to “Fill the Reservoir”, and the Reservoir itself that contained only the words “Magically, A Snake.”

The Agents in charge of what would later come to be known as Operation Quetzalcoatl (known at first as only R, J, L, V, U, and Z) would go on to rebel against the ITB after finding it to be corrupted from the inside by the influence of the sinister corporation Gyras Solutions. After several attempts on their lives by Gyras operatives, ITB Agents, and the clinically insane former Agent Y, the Agents joined with a rebel team who had abandoned their posts at IT Well 64 and formed the Hellfire Collective.

Known from then on as Guardians, the team took the fight to the ITB. They all died heroes’ deaths, and left the ITB compound a smoking crater. In their last words to the Participants of Operation Quetzalcoatl, they left the players in the capable hands of what remained of the Hellfire Collective. Much work needed to be done after the Guardians’ martyrdom, but things have begun to stir…

Perhaps you will join the Participants and Hellfire Collective for the next adventure?