The Dreamquest

The Dreamquest is a High Fantasy adventure with a Lovecraftian twist.

Discover the land which exists within sleep.

The Spiral is a dimension in which great heroes roam surreal landscapes in search of mythical treasure, dragons fly overhead, and utopias exist within landscapes of floating, luminesent earth. This land is ruled by the queen of spirals, a powerful, though mortal being chosen by the gods from all the races in the universe.

A new queen has been crowned, a human girl from the mostly unawakened world of Earth, and this makes it a perfect time for chaos to emerge. Not all is well in this land of high adventure, and a civil war between the race of men threatens to tear apart the dreaming world, submerging it in an age of darkness.

Now, she must fight a war for the fate of dreams while awakening the latent dreamers of earth and trying to seal away the horrors that exist in the place just beyond the veil.