To War!

Space is a cold and unforgiving mistress, owned by none, and deathtrap for all. The war has raged for years, and now it’s at a boiling point, but no one is even sure why. From the rim world of Faliset, to the lush green sphere of Veline, bombs burst and fires rage. The countless governments and factions all vie for the same thing: Power. Specifically they seek ancient artifacts of great power rumored to be forged from the hearts of stars themselves. Whether or not this is true is heavily debated in every corner of the known cosmos, but their power is undeniable.

Welcome to To War!, WARG’s first step into the world of TTRPGs. An idea born of a small narrative roleplay that sprang up during an interaction during HellDyve, To War! is our own version of a space opera, albeit with some rather unique twists. The world of To War! is, while sci-fi, attempting to integrate traditional sci-fi and magic to some extent. The existence of eldritch horror in space is not uncommon, and one of our goals in creating this world was to explore what would happen if some of those powers were available to the Crew as well as the Monitor (our name for the GM, or Game Master).

We are currently in playtesting stages for this game, open to patrons. A larger playtest stage will be implemented once we are sure we are happy with it on a small scale – check back here or on our Patreon for updates!