Tungsten is the third largest city-state on the NeoAmerican continent. With nearly two million residents, it is the fifth most populous city-state in the world. It was founded in 2K589, near a large deposit of, predictably, tungsten, a chemical element also known as wolfram. The city remains a major hub of industry and technological advancement; it is known for having the most reliable and efficient intra-city telecommunications system.

In February of 3018, that “most reliable and efficient” of telecommunications systems was taken down by some unknown outside agent, with all data previously on the servers archived into inaccessible partitions. Tungsten City’s intranet was down for a full month, and when service was finally restored, the City Council could not have anticipated what it was about to be used for.

Things began as normal— citizens commenting on City Council discussions, news articles shared by the Tungsten Tribune. But it was not long before a local private investigator noticed a worrying trend amongst the Tribune’s obituaries. Soon the rash of mysterious deaths was claimed by a twisted serial killer, who (because of his penchant for murdering young women) came to be known as the Lady Luck Killer.
As various locals meddled in his affairs, the killer (now appearing in public chats on the city’s intranet under the moniker “Lucky Lancaster”) became more and more bold and aggressive. He hosted perverse games of chance where citizens could wager against his victims’ lives. He posted grotesque evidences of his crimes before dumping bodies in various places throughout the city. At one point, he even blew up the would-be investigators’ favorite bar and kidnapped the bartender— forcing them to play a game of his design in hopes of finding where she had been buried alive before oxygen ran out.

Things came to a head when Tungsten’s Governor, Marco LaFontaine, was poisoned with a mysterious substance, leaving him incapacitated in the hospital, in worsening condition, while the citizen investigators searched desperately for a cure. At Lucky’s suggestion, they ventured out into the desert wasteland surrounding the city-state and explored the various ruins, picking up clues left behind for them by the twisted serial killer.

With the Governor safe, Lucky Lancaster finally showed his hand, revealing himself to be Dietrich Bolstvin, a local philanthropist known for his charity work. He claimed to have been committing these crimes in the name of turning the citizenry’s eye to the corruption rampant throughout the city, while working in conjunction with a mysterious group (which some called a cult) known as the Torchbearers.

As the City Council rushed to locate Dietrich and arrest him, the Torchbearers mobilized the numerous plants they had throughout the city’s infrastructure and took down the entire power grid. Nothing has been heard from within the city since.